Уважаемые клиенты!

Мы, компания «АгроПлюсИнвест», являемся опытным партнером предприятий в сельскохозяйственном бизнесе.

Dear Clients!

We, the company “AgroPlusInvest”, are an experienced partner in agricultural business..

Our mission

The purpose of the creation was the desire to combine many years of experience in European concerns (AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Vilofoss, Schaumann, Biomin, etc.). Employees of the company when working with partner clients help to get maximum production and economic indicators.

Our strengths

Europe. We offer on the Ukrainian market high-quality feed additives from Europe (amino acids, enzymes, mixtures of organic acids, phytobiotics, vitamin-mineral blends, etc.), premixes for all animal species, prestarter foods, disinfectants, tsmMy, liquid vitamins, protected fats, bioconservatives. The company chose the path of multi-brand products, knowing the specificity and effectiveness of individual manufacturers, which allows to solve the tasks at the client.

Ukrainian production. Using the experience of creating new products, we have created the PowerMix product line, the core of which is European vitamin-mineral blends, special protein carriers for small pigs, calves and chickens. The PowerMix product portfolio consists of several groups, these are:

  • Poultry – “PowerMix” Chick
  • Pig breeding – «PowerMix»Piglet, «PowerMix»Pig, «PowerMix»Sow
  • cattle — «PowerMix»Calf, «PowerMix»Cow
  • ZTsMy for pig breeding and cattle «PowerMix»Milk

The advantage of the products is the speed of production with a guarantee of quality, independence from exchange rates, flexibility in changing recipes, based on the variability of the raw material base of the client.


Our sales are successful thanks to the technical support of customers, which allows you to build work on your complex for a long time We understand that only technical support with effective recommendations can guarantee the economic and zootechnical success of our work together. By technical support of our clients, we mean such segments as:

  1. Audit of feed production and recommendations for quality improvement (gained experience at the seminars of the leading institute of feed mixers IFFBraunschweig, as well as work at the AGRAVIS concern).
  2. Analysis and optimization of recipes for clients according to the requirements of a geneticist and their practical implementation in enterprises, development of their own privatelabel products (experience as product manager at AGRAVIS, HYBRIMIN5Futter 2016, HYBRIMINFUMI 2008, FormatSingleMix, Bestmix).
  3. Accompanying the client and assisting in the evaluation of raw materials for nutritional value and the creation of an effective feeding base, writing technical regulations (experience in the laboratory LIMS system, knowledge of GMP +, HACCP, QM, QS, KAT).
  4. Technological audit at the enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan and recommendations for improvement (received many years of training at the experimental sites of the AGRAVIS concern, experience in poultry farming (broiler and non-drying) with parental and industrial sites, pig breeding with the presence of GGP and fattening livestock, cattle feeding and maintenance of both European and large Ukrainian enterprises).
  5. Service involvement of veterinarians to ensure safety and assess the episodic situation in enterprises, through laboratory blood tests in Europe (to determine immunity intensity and sensitivity to antibiotics), and biomaterial (to determine the degree of pressure of field viruses by PCR). This service is negotiated individually, depending on the situation and the amount of research.
  6. Economic audit of enterprise performance and recommendations.

Thus, the scheme of work described above allows us to build long-term relationships with the client.

We provide enterprises with quality products, as well as maximize the knowledge of your employees to achieve the maximum level of productivity and economy of your economy.

Your partner is AgroPlusInvest. We work throughout Ukraine and guarantee you honesty, quality, efficiency.

Our slogan is “Together for Success!”

Best regards, AgroPlusInvest team